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The major problem with nesting is focus management and the use of simple styling techniques ti highlight the active leaf, since from my understanding the element that receives keyboard focus must also have the role values.  

The nesting can be done using "aria-activedescendant", maybe aria-labelledby and probably the new "aria-label".

A question that I have is when labelledby is used will it only use the content pointed to by the IDs, or will the browser also use the text node content to add to the name.  In the tree view that uses nested lists it seems that it should not add any child text node content, but in some type other widgets like grids it might be convenient to have id added content concatenated to the text content of the gridcell.


>1. Nesting each subtree group inside its parent list item would allow this to be used with the existing structure of nested UL/LI in HTML,without the need for additional sub-level inline elements like the SPAN or A tags we have in all the examples to date.

> 2. Nesting each subtree group inside its parent list item would allow aria-level to be automatically calculated by the user agent. This could lead to making aria-level optional in the same way aria-setsize and aria-posinset are currently optional unless the DOM is only showing a subset of the full tree.
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