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I see no images in IE7. Feel free to design a "best viewed with" icon.
Alternatively, would be nice to give a sort string of info which browser to use/page was tested with somewhere on the example pages.

- Stefan

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New tree example using links to create a simple action and role="presentation".  The "expanded" and "contracted" images are used for backward compatibility with non-ARIA enabled browsers.

Is this markup you were looking for?


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>   > That won't be needed, and won't be quite so
>   confusing, once aria-label  
>   > is implemented.
>   That would be adding redundant info.
>   > Or, we could potentially change "nameFrom:
>   subtree" so  
>   > that it does not include subtree nodes matching
>   role="group"…
>   I think this is close to right. How about the new
>   name from subtree rule becomes this:
>   Don't walk into subtrees for roles that doesn't have
>   "Accessible Name: subtree". IOW we wouldn't walk
>   into a grid or menu if it was inside the tree item
>   either.
>   To me this would be cleaner than having a special
>   rule just for one role (group).
>   - Aaron
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