RE: ARIA Test Matrix & ARIA BPG (was: Re: DHTML Test Cases)

Hi Gregory,

Ähem .. We need IE 8 Beta2 tests, too ... and the interesting Illinois examples 
are also not covered in the original table. Same for MS and Apple examples.

Can you post the link to the codethinks wiki?

- Stefan

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aloha, david!

i will port the pages to the codethinks wiki today...

a bit of background -- the test results that are documented in the
current page were intended to be included in the ARIA Best Practices
document, in a section documenting the results of the extant text
matrix at the time the tests were conducted -- you can still find the
results in:

but as of september 2008, they are out-of-date, and would start over
again, documenting the currently available tests with currently
available configurations...

i do not know if the ARIA editors intend the "Testing" section to
remain in the Best Practices document or not, hence my cross-post to


On Sep 9, 1:34 pm, davidb <> wrote:
> Gregory, sure why not?  Can you go ahead and port them?   I'm not sure
> what to do about the pre release FF tests...
> cheers,
> David
> On Sep 9, 1:08 pm, oedipus <> wrote:
> > aloha!
> > quite some time ago, i set up an ARIA test tests page to document test
> > results of ARIA examples -- because of limitations with the W3C's ESW
> > wiki, i did not create it in PF's ARIA wiki space:
> >
> > (which is still a "live" resource)
> > but at another wiki:
> >
> > where i also created a "Test Template"
> > and a documnet upon which to collect information about individual
> > testers (operating system and version, hardware in use, assistive
> > technology in use, expertise, etc.)
> >
> > i am willing to port these pages manually to the codetalks wiki, or
> > merely offer them as fodder (and filler) for the codetalks wiki
> > gregory.

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