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updated draft translations page Shadi Abou-Zahra (Wednesday, 24 June)

MWBP-WCAG link and copyedits Shawn Henry (Tuesday, 23 June)

Updating WAI style for "website", "web application", etc. Shawn Henry (Monday, 22 June)

citing your article Kelly Hawkins (Sunday, 21 June)

Wordsmithing suggestions for How to Report Inaccessible Websites Sharron Rush (Friday, 19 June)

Responding doc - intro brainstorm notes Shawn Henry (Wednesday, 17 June)

WCAG 2.0 Alternate Versions ?? Olle Olsson (Friday, 12 June)

not-good-fit ... Authorized translations and WAI Glossary Olle Olsson (Tuesday, 9 June)

Saima here, visually impaired person myself, website accessibility issue beyond vision (Monday, 8 June)

Business Case Overview Alan Chuter (Friday, 5 June)

Re: minor comments on Business Case document Andrew Arch (Monday, 1 June)

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