Re: [PROPOSAL] Checkpoint 4.1Configure text size.

Jon Gunderson wrote:
> I don't like complicating the checkpoint with cascading requirements and
> ambiguous terms.

Of course I don't want to use ambiguous terms. My point is to resolve
the ambiguity by defining what "supported by the operating system"
Does it mean API or font selection service?

> I think we want two things:
> 1. The user to have a wide range of sizes to choose from
> 2. That the range of sizes available include the largest supported size
> 3. I don't think the minimum size needs to be specified or mentioned, since
> any practical user agent will implement smaller sizes useful to people with
> average vision.  I don't think many developers are going to start their
> design process using our document and say want we need to do to conform
> this document.  Most will be trying to add capabilities to current
> implementations to their technology.
> My revised proposal:
> <NEW5>
> 2. The user agent must allow the user to adjust font sizes based on the
> resolution of the font sizes available through the operating environment.
> 3. The range of font sizes offered by the user agent must include the
> largest font size available for a particular font family.
> </NEW5>

 - Why doesn't "2" include "3"?
 - What does "based on" mean?

I don't think this proposal is going in the right direction. I prefer
Tantek's direction but need more technical understanding.

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