Re: [PROPOSAL] Checkpoint 4.1Configure text size.

I don't like complicating the checkpoint with cascading requirements and 
ambiguous terms.
I think we want two things:

1. The user to have a wide range of sizes to choose from
2. That the range of sizes available include the largest supported size
3. I don't think the minimum size needs to be specified or mentioned, since 
any practical user agent will implement smaller sizes useful to people with 
average vision.  I don't think many developers are going to start their 
design process using our document and say want we need to do to conform 
this document.  Most will be trying to add capabilities to current 
implementations to their technology.

My revised proposal:

2. The user agent must allow the user to adjust font sizes based on the 
resolution of the font sizes available through the operating environment.
3. The range of font sizes offered by the user agent must include the 
largest font size available for a particular font family.


At 01:54 PM 7/11/2001 -0400, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
>Tantek Celik wrote:
> >
> > Just a minor point - when talking about font sizes on the screen, 
> please use
> > the units relevant to the screen which are pixels, not points.
>Sorry about that.
> > I agree with your concerns and think they are valid.
> >
> > > I think more granularity is required, and in the past we have
> > > not been able to establish with certainty any granularity other
> > > than "everything".
> > >
> > > Is there a way to get
> > >  a) Biggest font.
> > >  b) A few other big fonts.
> >
> > How about:
> >
> > <NEW3>
> > 2. Allow the user to choose from the range of font sizes from the smallest
> > font size presented by the font size selection mechanism provided by the
> > user interface of the operating system environment (lacking such a
> > mechanism, use the smallest font size supported by the operating system
> > environment) up through and including the largest font size supported 
> by the
> > operating system environment.
> > </NEW3>
>This is interesting because it points at a difference that I think is
>relevant but that I don't believe we've explored previously:
>  - The operating system (or environment) API might allow one range of
>    sizes.
>  - Conventions for choosing font sizes might allow another. If I've
>    the operating environment's font selection mechanism may be adopted
>    by software (and in fact, we are presuming that it will be adopted
>    by software running in that environment).
>One question to ask might be: what does the checkpoint mean by
>"supported by the operating environment", and perhaps we need to
>be more precise.
>I would not object to a clarification that we are not talking
>about text drawing capabilities of the operating environment but font
>size (and family) selection services that are conventional in the
>operating enviornment.
>So, tell me if this makes sense:
>Allow the user to choose from among the full range of font sizes offered
>the conventional font selection mechanism of the operating environment.
>If the operating environment does not offer such a mechanism, allow
>the user to choose from among the full range enabled by conventional
>text drawing APIs of the operating environment.
>I like the idea of a cascade, but I am not familiar enough with the
>operating enviornment mechanisms in play here to say whether this
>specific one makes sense.
>  - Ian
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