Re: [PROPOSAL] Checkpoint 4.1Configure text size.

>I am uncomfortable with a scenario where the user has available
>9, 10, and 80 points only as I think that for many users, 80 points
>will not result in a usable environment, and 36 points would be
>a much better solution. In fact, 80 points would make browsing
>nearly unusable for many people.
>I think more granularity is required, and in the past we have
>not been able to establish with certainty any granularity other
>than "everything".

JRG: If this is the case then our current wording would allow a conforming 
user agent to offer just two choices, largest and smallest font size for a 
particular font family (1 point and 80 point???), since this include the 
full range of many operating systems.

>Is there a way to get
>  a) Biggest font.
>  b) A few other big fonts.
>That's why I mentioned in passing: the top half of the size range.
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