Re: Jon Gunderson: HTML Specifications for Accessibility

On Nov 3, 12:17pm, Dave Raggett wrote:

> At one point there was a proposal for inserting text before or after
> an element. Sadly this was rejected by the CSS and FP working group.

To be more specific: there have been several proposals for generated
text and it was agreed that CSS 2.0 would not proceed to Proposed
Recommendation status until it was able to render the content of ALT
attributes (which implies being able to deal with generated text, and
also to get at the value of attributes).

One proposal, which would have provided richly styled generated text, as
rejected as being too complex. A following proposal was rejected as being
too simple and not meeting the needs of designers. Murray Maloney argued
persuasively that generated text was needed, and at his suggestion the CSS2
specification has a placeholder for the section on generated text.

Any contributions to filling in that placeholder are of course welcome.

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