history re CSS and generated text

to follow up on what Chris Lilley said:
> One proposal, which would have provided richly styled generated text, as
> rejected as being too complex. A following proposal was rejected as being
> too simple and not meeting the needs of designers. Murray Maloney argued
> persuasively that generated text was needed, and at his suggestion the CSS2
> specification has a placeholder for the section on generated text.

Would you give us references to the failed proposals (too
complex, too limited) so we have an idea of the range a solution
would fall in?

This next one is tough, but would be enormously helpful.  For the
too-complex version, what are the 3-5 main ideas or capabilities
used in that proposal, and how would _you_ rank these in order of
increasing difficulty of selling them to implementors?

-- Al

Received on Tuesday, 4 November 1997 10:14:53 UTC