Jon Gunderson: HTML Specifications for Accessibility

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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:53:45 -0600
From: Jon Gunderson <>
Subject: HTML Specifications for Accessibility

Is there any attributes in the current proposal for adding text to
selectors when they are rendered in a browser.  For example in the
following style sheet excerpt is an example of how text could be added to
automatically to label selectors for people using screen readers, or other
forms of speech output or enlarged text using an attribute named "preamble".

** style sheet **
H1 {  preamble: "Header Level 1"
        font-family: times-roman
        font-size: 12 }

** HTML **
<H1>Introduction to CSS</H1>

** Screen Display ***

Header Level 1 Introducation to CSS

The speech system would identify the text as a header since it would be
rendered on the screen, yet the user could select what they wanted (if at
all) the message to say.   This is similar to a concept proposed in the
Auditory Style Sheets.  

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