Re: Jon Gunderson: HTML Specifications for Accessibility

Great!  I am glad this is space for it in CSS 2.0.  I am not sure what
"generatred text" means.  But I would like to propose the use of a new
style attribute to add text labels to selectors.  Using styles would give
persons with disabilities the capability to customize the labels to their
own needs.  

What can I do to help foster this proposal?


At 09:02 PM 11/3/97 +0100, Chris Lilley wrote:
>On Nov 3, 12:17pm, Dave Raggett wrote:
>> At one point there was a proposal for inserting text before or after
>> an element. Sadly this was rejected by the CSS and FP working group.
>To be more specific: there have been several proposals for generated
>text and it was agreed that CSS 2.0 would not proceed to Proposed
>Recommendation status until it was able to render the content of ALT
>attributes (which implies being able to deal with generated text, and
>also to get at the value of attributes).
>One proposal, which would have provided richly styled generated text, as
>rejected as being too complex. A following proposal was rejected as being
>too simple and not meeting the needs of designers. Murray Maloney argued
>persuasively that generated text was needed, and at his suggestion the CSS2
>specification has a placeholder for the section on generated text.
>Any contributions to filling in that placeholder are of course welcome.
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