Re: leaving SC out of the draft - this is an issue that must get consensus

Hi everyone,

I think I said plenty on this before [1], to summarise I think the wider 'public' will expect all potential SCs in the FPWD, and then a whittle down process. In that case:
  - We would need to mark those that don't meet the criteria and / or have consensus yet (but everything remotely ready should be included).
  - it would be painful to start with (volume & feedback wise), but the subsequent rounds would be easier.

If we take an iterative approach then: 
- We need to highlight the new SCs (for that round) very obviously.
- I think it will be harder to track the ripple effects between SCs as they are added.
- We need to be clear (to us and to the wider public) that new SCs will be included in the pre-2018 drafts when they are ready, not being included now is not a big issue. (Q: When would it become a big issue to add new ones?)

I don't particularly mind which approach is taken, it just needs clear comms internally and externally.

There is also the broader point Lisa raised about getting to a consensus point, and I think (under the iterative approach) that each SC should have consensus from the group.

However, it needs to be clear to the group that certain things are allowed. We have barely begun the 'understanding' documents, so testability criteria, UA support and success techniques need to be at least theoretically possible, but not fully baked. Overlap is also inevitable at this stage.

The trickiest issues for SCs I see at the moment are more to do with whether something can be universally applied to all websites (e.g. Plain Language), or where there is a fundamental issues with the SC text applying to web content (e.g. Critical Controls), or where an SC is stated as a user-requirement rather than a content-requirement (e.g. some of the LVTF SC proposals a while ago). 

If they are not resolved before going to a wider audience then the feedback will not be pleasant.


Received on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 23:03:58 UTC