Re: New Wiki page with SC text proposals to combine issues 79, 78, and 74

Laura wrote:
> Gregg has commented that they are not testable.

So that’s 1, 12 & 13, but I’ll come back to those in a second.

I’ve commented that any of the proposals which say something like “don’t block the user-agent” have nothing to test, it is automatically true. What isn’t true is that the person can use the site once it is adapted!

I think that applies to 4 through 11, and 14.

> Gregg also mentioned in the mechanism thread that an SC shouldn't be worded to what a user can or cannot do. That seems to rule out John's approach too.
So that’s number 2 out, unless this modification works?
“Styling of markup languages is created in a way that permits changes of presentation for font-family, colours and element spacing while not causing loss of content or functionality. 
Note: If no mechanism exists to change presentational styling on any user agent for the target technology, then the author has no responsible to create one.”

But that veers towards number 12 so I think we’ve ruled out 1-14 now?

Gregg’s comment on 12/13 was that they: “require the Author to prevent things from happening that they have no control over.     There is no restriction on what modifications are done — yet they are responsible for the result no breaking the content.”

I would agree if it were the general “can change presentation” (number 1), but there are restrictions: it is for changing the font-family, colours, and spacing around elements. Many of the LVTF have been doing this for years, I’ve started making every site use Comic Sans (without breaking anything yet), I’m sure that what is being asked is feasible.

How do we narrow it further? 

- Can we provide a baseline of adaptations users could make in the Understanding document?
- Or do we need to take a 1.3.1 type approach, where the SC text is simple, but there are many techniques & failures to back it up?
- Or do we take a “Mechanism is available” approach and cover it in the understanding?



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