Re: New Wiki page with SC text proposals to combine issues 79, 78, and 74

> On Jan 24, 2017, at 1:00 PM, Alastair Campbell <> wrote:
> I would agree if it were the general “can change presentation” (number 1), but there are restrictions: it is for changing the font-family, colours, and spacing around elements. Many of the LVTF have been doing this for years, I’ve started making every site use Comic Sans (without breaking anything yet), I’m sure that what is being asked is feasible.
> How do we narrow it further? 

you need to say by how much or it isnt testable

fonts —   not too bad but not all 12 pt fonts are the same size   (minor problem if just font and not font size) 
Colors — you cannot guarantee function of page with all different user color choices — but this SC says you must.    Maybe if you say — "all text/background combination color choices that a user may make that meet contrast SC”
Spacing — you have to set some limits on the amount of spacing so the author knows how much spacing they need to accommodate — and can then test this.        Real use doesnt huge spacing so something reasonable can be specified and it will do well. 


> - Can we provide a baseline of adaptations users could make in the Understanding document?

Not sure what this means — but if it means what I said above — yes.  But it can’t be in the Understanding doc.   the criteria need to be in the (success) criteria.    Understanding can only make it clearer — not define it further. 

> - Or do we need to take a 1.3.1 type approach, where the SC text is simple, but there are many techniques & failures to back it up?

That should always be true — but failures do not change or define an SC at all.  They only document things that an experience person can read directly from the SC (and no more).    Techniques are just WAYS of meeting the SC — they do not define it. 

> - Or do we take a “Mechanism is available” approach and cover it in the understanding?

Mechanism approach — is fine — but doesnt address any of the problems cited. 

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