Proposal to Delete or Keep 2.4.1


We need to decide to delete or keep 2.4.1  Navigational mechanisms
<>  within the
content can be programmatically determined
f> . [How
tml#navigation-mechanisms-structure>  to meet 2.4.1]



There was a proposal to delete it because there were no techniques for the


All techniques for 2.4.1 in the How TO Meet doc are either techniques for
other success criteria as well,  (so they are already covered) or they are
just a title with no techniques (in sufficient section).


The last poll was 12 to delete and 1 to keep and 2 who "could live with
deleting it".


If there are techniques for the doc prepared and polled by Thursday we can
discuss and see if new techniques change the picture.  Otherwise we will
need to delete as having no documented techniques to meet. 


If there are techniques that are not already covered by other techniques  -
then the group can discuss and see if they feel it should stay or not. 


This looks like the last major open item.



Reworks of 1.3.2 / 1.3.3 

As well as  1.1.1  and 1.4.1 to accommodate comments will be made later
tonight or tomorrow AM.  




If there are ANY other actions pending on ANY Success criteria please let us
know immediately. 





Gregg & John


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