RE: REwrite of 1.1.6

Andrew's example below creates inline links in the transcript to the
descriptions which are separate, so the audio descriptions can be ignored if
desired. It would physically separate the captions from descriptions but
programmatically collate them. 


This particular example doesn't provide a way back to the inline link after
you jump to the description. That would require a named anchor at the point
of departure (in the captions) and a link back to the anchor (point of
departure) after the description was read. (kind of like online footnotes)


It's a neat idea and though it might enhance the experience for someone who
wants to ignore the descriptions, it would degrade the experience for
someone who needs both captions and descriptions because they would
continually be jumping back and forth every couple of lines, hitting keys
(or mouse buttons) to follow the links to the descriptions and then back
again to the captions. It would be pretty hard to "get into" the experience
of the script that way. It would be like reading a novel while continually
turning on and off the light.


I also think it would require more effort for a web author to do this
technique than just manually pasting in the descriptions in between the


Having read a ton of movie scripts in my old life, I think dialogue ise easy
to read with all the descriptions in between. I think the current collation
idea is better, unless this example was an option to do in addition to the
collated script.


David MacDonald

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I don't understand this suggestion.



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1.1.6 For prerecorded multimedia content, a combined document containing
captions <>
intermixed with the audio
<>  description
transcripts is available. [How
tml#text-equiv-text-doc>  to meet 1.1.6]

This sounds fine to me, but I think that we should make sure that we accept
the case where a transcript includes links to audio descriptions
interspersed, as an alternative to the actual description text.    For



This is the first spoken transcript text. This is more transcript.  (<a
href="#desc1">description 1</a>).  This is more transcript.  Blah blah



<a name="desc1" id="desc1">1. </a>This is the first description


This would improve the experience for many users,and while it is untested,
I'd like to make sure that it is acceptable to use.



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