RE: 3.2.4 edit?

>> Components that have the same functionality within content are identified consistently.

> Yes.  This sounds good.  Especially since the latest version said within a page or between pages. 
> Oops.  We can only require that it be consistent within a page or within a set of pages.
> Not for all content.  How would you cover that aspect?  

I am not understanding the problem.  Is not a "set of pages" (or a whole domain) what is being scoped in a conformance claim?  For the purposes of applying WCAG 2.0, how is this not effectively "all content"?  Can you give me a counter example of where it would be appropriate for an image to have one meaning on one part of a web site and a different purpose elsewhere on the site?

Received on Thursday, 9 February 2006 14:14:24 UTC