RE: Next meetings?

Hi Gregg,

Being one of those interested in the work but only having a limited resource
to contribute with (and lots of other activities ongoing), F2F meeting
planning well ahead in time is a necessity to even have the chance to make

Therefore, I just wanted to express my support for the obvious benefits of
F2F meetings and wish they could be planned with the longest possible

Keep up the good job,

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Hi Lisa

We were not planning on the technical plenary.    We were thinking of doing
an implementation workshop as part of the next one to get people trying to
apply the guidelines - so we have evidence that they work which we will
need.   Tech plenary is to close to do that.  Also need time after our big
push to prepare. 

Generally we like to have longer notice before a F2F also.

Next one will be in Europe somewhere.    Hopefully easy to get to and not so
expensive too. 


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Subject: Next meetings?

Do we know when the next FTF meeting will be? Could it be at the W3C
Technical Plenary for thoughs of us in other WAI/ W3C groups.

All the bets

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