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31 Jan 2002 chat re: PageValet and EARL, "fuzzy HTML pointers"

chat time was Re: EARL-producing testing tool

chat tomorrow - noon UTC

DC-ACCESSIBILITY IG Announcement (fwd)

Discussion: How to weight different accessibility warnings?

EARL 0.95 By Example [was: Re: EARL-producing testing tool]

EARL 1.0 Schema For Archive

EARL 1.0 Test Schema

EARL as DOM+assertions model?

EARL Eep Query

EARL in Page Valet

EARL Issues/Agenda Requests etc.

EARL Semantics and Queryability [was: Re: EARL-producing testing tool]

EARL to XHTML [was: Re: EARL Eep Query]

EARL-producing testing tool

Getting Earl in Annotea.

Groundrules for processing EARL?

irc log from 30 jan 2002 chat

IRC log from 6 February/7February chat

meeting next wednesday - noon UTC?

meeting times (Re: EARL-producing testing tool)

New venue for chat on now Re: chat tomorrow - noon UTC

Next chat - tonight, GMT midnight

Notes from 26 February 2002 discussion

P.S. [was: Re: Playing with the model]

Playing with the model

rdf database

storing EARL in annotea


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