Re: EARL in Page Valet

"Nick Kew":
> On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Nick Kew wrote:
> >
> > I've put up a second Page Valet+EARL prototype.  This one has dropped
> > XHTML, and is somewhat more considered.  It's still at
> > <URL:>

> >     * Accessibility checks - reference an element in the normalised
> >       parse tree.  I'm aiming for a "fuzzy Xpointer" (as discussed
> >       in IRC), but there's some significant hacking to visval
> >       required first
> > (now)
> > (goal)
> Goal now reached.  Jim's going to see if this is any use to him
> a clientside app.

Okay, done this...

The following:

entElement; for (var i=1;i<arr.length;i++) { el=el.firstChild;for
(j=1;j<arr[i];j++) {el = el.nextSibling; while (el && el.nodeType != 1)
{el = el.nextSibling}
alert(el.nodeName+'\n\n'+el.parentNode.innerHTML)} }

in the location bar of Mozilla and IE (and maybe others suck it and see.)
parse the fuzzypointer and alert the element's nodeName (TD or whatever)
the innerHTL - and in IE, the outerHTML.

Mozilla's don't seem to work too well (the above from the report on ) gets it wrong, IE5.5 appears to do okay on all of
the ones.

For, both Mozilla, and IE disagree with site-valet - but
then so do I !
Looking at "#1/2/1/2" that points to a <BR> yet the fuzzy pointer only
makes sense if it points at the table that comes after the BR.  - A bug
in Site-valets creation?


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