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Easy Check - minor update fyi Shawn Henry (Friday, 22 December)

EOWG - Important Reminders Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 20 December)

EOWG - Work for this Week and Surveys Updated Bakken, Brent (Friday, 15 December)

EOWG - Weekly Survey & Work for this Week Bakken, Brent (Friday, 8 December)

Please take approval survey for Stories of Web users Sharron Rush (Wednesday, 6 December)

Diff version in Word (attached) for Stories of Web users Sharron Rush (Wednesday, 6 December)

EOWG - 2018 Face-to-Face Meeting Survey Bakken, Brent (Tuesday, 5 December)

EOWG Face-to-Face meetings in 2018 Shawn Henry (Tuesday, 5 December)

Re: An update, post-Accessing Higher Ground [via Accessible Online Learning Community Group] Sharron Rush (Monday, 4 December)

EOWG - Weekly Survey and Work for this Week Bakken, Brent (Monday, 4 December)

Web Accessibility video Chris O'Brien (Monday, 4 December)

Outreach opportunity: New Video Introduces Web Accessibility and W3C Standards Shawn Henry (Monday, 4 December)

EOWG - 01 December Agenda Posted Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 30 November)

EOWG - WCAG 2.1 Understandings Work Bakken, Brent (Tuesday, 28 November)

Introduction Chris O'Brien (Wednesday, 22 November)

New postings on Meeting page of EO wiki Sharron Rush (Saturday, 18 November)

EOWG - 17 November Meeting Agenda and Prep Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 16 November)

Follow up from TPAC and work for this week Sharron Rush (Monday, 13 November)

EOWG - no meeting, survey coming Shawn Henry (Friday, 10 November)

Latest draft of Developing Presentations & Training Vivienne Conway (Tuesday, 7 November)

W3C, WAI, accessibility clarification Shawn Henry (Thursday, 2 November)

EOWG - No 03 Nov Meeting - Please read for assignments Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 2 November)

EOWG - Weekly Survey Bakken, Brent (Friday, 27 October)

REgrets for tomorrow's meeting Howard Kramer (Friday, 27 October)

Upcoming Daylight Savings Time Changes Bakken, Brent (Friday, 20 October)

Re: [w3c/wcag21] Statement of partial conformance - Language (#243) John Foliot (Thursday, 19 October)

EOWG - No 20th October Teleconference - please read Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 19 October)

Results from the European MOOC Accessibility Partnership: Online courses, day-in-the-life stories and OERs available to the public Gottfried Zimmermann \(Lists\) (Thursday, 19 October)

Changing gear stephane.deschamps@orange.com (Tuesday, 17 October)

EOWG - Weekly Survey Bakken, Brent (Monday, 16 October)

EOWG - 13 October Agenda Posted Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 12 October)

just fyi - Perspectives tagline Shawn Henry (Tuesday, 10 October)

We learned so much in user testing [WAS: EOWG - No Meeting 06 Oct] Sharron Rush (Friday, 6 October)

EOWG - No Meeting 06 Oct. Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 4 October)

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