RE: Outreach opportunity: New Video Introduces Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

Great job Shadi!

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Subject: Outreach opportunity: New Video Introduces Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

EOWG folks,

Here's the info on the video that we mentioned in Friday's telecon -- available for you to help with outreach :-)

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* WAI IG e-mail below & archived

* W3C home page lead News story:

* YouTube

We'll be working on embedding and adding links to this video in W3C pages, WAI pages, and elsewhere, including suggestions for EOWG Resources.


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Subject: New Video Introduces Web Accessibility and W3C Standards
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Dear WAI Interest Group Participants,

The W3C WAI announces a new video introducing web accessibility and W3C's accessibility standards at:

The four-minute video highlights why accessibility is the right thing to do, how it is essential for people with disabilities and useful for all.

The video is presented as part of the Internet Society (ISOC)'s work to realize their vision: “The Internet is for Everyone” and their Accessibility Toolkit: <>

It is timed in recognition of the United Nation's annual International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December: <>

Subtitles are currently available in over 15 languages.
More translations are welcome; see

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For more videos and information on specific accessibility topics, see Web Accessibility Perspectives Videos: Explore the Impact and Benefits for Everyone:

For a general introduction, see Accessibility - W3C:

Shawn Lawton Henry, WAI Outreach
Shadi Abou-Zahra, Accessibility Strategy and Technology Specialist


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