Follow up from TPAC and work for this week

Greetings all,

Thanks a *ton* to all who attended the TPAC face to face. We got so much
clarity on the upcoming work, I hope you know how very much we appreciate
this tremendous effort and output. Summaries and links to the full F2F
[1] are posted and you are encouraged to read them if you were not able to

Special kudos to Charlotte and Liz from the Visa team who did on-site
usability studies using attendees as test subjects - we learned a lot!
Those who would like to provide feedback, please see instructions on Work
for this Week <>. [2]

**if you want to participate, your answers must be in by Wednesday 15
November to be part of the data collection.**

Due to some misunderstandings about how the small group "review teams"
work, we are re-naming them "editorial teams" and resources are being
posted to a rotating editorial calendar to be brought before the full EO
group. This cycling of resources is needed to facilitate progress on
completing the needed edits and to get the dang site launched already!

More detail about expectations are on the EO meeting page
<> [3] and will be discussed
Friday at the teleconference.  Thanks again to one and all - it is exciting
to collaborate with you all on this important work!

Best, Sharron, Brent, and Shawn




Sharron Rush | Executive Director | | @knowbility
*Equal access to technology for people with disabilities*

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