Re: translation Circus

Hi all,

There are close to 500 different languages mentioned in ISO-639.  One
would wish that all of them are represented properly on the Internet.
This is in fact made possible by the international standards (one can 
easily examine RFC3066 in this regard). Naturally, W3C which is a 
standards organization cannot ignore the existence of such  standards 
and impose contradicting limitations on specification of the languages used.

And yet it can, should and and actually does require an accurate statement 
of and coding in any of these languages. A problem appears when a person 
unaware of the existence of these standards attempts to translate W3C 

If the language code was stated correctly for example as Turkish spoken 
in Ukraine (tr_UA) in the document mentioned here, my only objection 
would be to the top domain name of the web site given because tr is 
the language code for Turkish spoken in Turkey.

I propose W3C requires that RFC3066 be used a reference for a definitive 
list of  the dialects of the Turkish language, and the language codes be 
used accordingly.

I wish everyone a happy new year,

Received on Saturday, 29 December 2007 22:20:09 UTC