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Re: translation Circus

From: Alexey Beshenov <al@beshenov.ru>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 21:15:02 +0300
To: w3c-translators@w3.org
Cc: "gareth edison" <gareth.edison@googlemail.com>
Message-Id: <200712292115.42829@beshenov>
On Friday 28 December 2007 15:17, gareth edison wrote:

> I fail to grasp the importancy of translating documents into languages like
> Turmen, Uzbek, Azerbajan, Kazakh, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian,
> Tatar, Georgian or even Armenian. Imagine Indian webmasters translating
> these documents into some of the 50 different dialects of Tamil or Sanskrit 
> or how about our fellow Chinese webmasters translation their chines
> documents into Shangjainese or Taiwanese.

> [...]

> Maybe W3c should start only allowing main languages instead of sub-divisions
> of these languages like the many Russian dialects as mentioned above.

You are wrong! The languages you've listed are NOT Russian dialects. They even 
don't share alphabet with Russian language. From your list, the only 
Belarusian and Ukrainian are related to Russian in some way---they are other 
two living members of the East Slavic group---but Belarusian and Ukrainian 
are not Russian dialects. Moreover, I don't think that the majority of people 
from the countries related to languages from your list are speak Russian 
(it's debatable only for few of countries).

Alexey Beshenov <al@beshenov.ru>

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