Suggestion williams-02 - *huge* editorial change

Williams-02 is the suggestion that we should:
- defer to Namespaces 1.1 for the definition of IRI
- and globally substitute "[RDF] URI Reference"  by "IRI"

There is a small substantive differences which is Unicode Normal Form C.
On the advice of I18N WG in Cannes we required RDF URI References to be in
Unicode NFC; Martin Dürst informs me that they have changed their minds on
this one.

Draft proposal:

Change concepts to defer to Namespaces 1.1 defn of IRI rather than have a
definition of RDF URI reference.

Globally substitute "[RDF] URI Reference", "uriref" etc.  by "IRI".

This needs discussion!

Also, we should e-mail i18n-ig and ask for an official comment from the wg
retracting their advice in Cannes.


Received on Thursday, 27 March 2003 05:19:41 UTC