Re: WG Last Call on C14N (and attribute value escaping)

At 10:54 2000-07-06 -0700, David Blondeau wrote:
 >> However, I'm unclear about not also including /+ all closing angle
 >> (>) are replaced by > +/ and about normalizing single-quote characters
 >> (') with "'"...
 >If you look at the XML 1.0 rule #10 AttValue, the closing angle bracket (>)
 >is not a forbidden character so there is no need to escape it. In the same
 >way, since we use double quotes (") for opening and closing the attribute
 >value, with the same rule, we do not need to escape the single-quote (').

Good, I'll add the fragment "all open angle brackets (<) with &lt;," to the
namespace and attribute nodes text in the version I publish on Monday.

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