Re: WG Last Call on C14N (and attribute value escaping)

Hello Joseph,

> Notice: as stated in [1], I'd like to publish [2] as a second W3C last
> on Monday. I believe the error Anli pointed out [3] needs to remedied. I'm
> hesitant to make a change without John, but he's on holiday. I think the
> right text would be to include the following /+ fragment +/:
> __
> Namespace and Attribute Nodes- a space, the node's QName, an equals sign,
> open double quote, the modified string value, and a close double quote.
> string value of the node is modified by replacing all ampersands (&) with
> &amp;, /+ all open angle brackets (<) with &lt;, +/  all double quote
> characters with &quot;, and the whitespace characters #x9, #xA, and #xD,
> with character references. The character references are written in
> hexadecimal with no leading zeroes (for example, #xD is represented by the
> character reference&#xD;).
> __
> However, I'm unclear about not also including /+ all closing angle
> (>) are replaced by &gt; +/ and about normalizing single-quote characters
> (') with "&apos;"...
If you look at the XML 1.0 rule #10 AttValue, the closing angle bracket (>)
is not a forbidden character so there is no need to escape it. In the same
way, since we use double quotes (") for opening and closing the attribute
value, with the same rule, we do not need to escape the single-quote (').


Received on Thursday, 6 July 2000 14:02:33 UTC