RE: What's the minimum duration for last call?

At 11:27 2000-07-06 -0700, Paul Cotton wrote:
 >I expect that the XML Query WG will want to review the C14N document during
 >this document's second Last Call.  As chair of the XML Query WG I would
 >prefer a Last Call period that would extend beyond our next F2F meeting
 >which is July 25-26.  Therefore I would recommend at least a three week
 >Call period if the Last Call is to start in the near future.
Hi Paul,

As I recently outlined in [1] I hope to publish a last call on Monday and I
planned on closing it on the 24th. But your request certainly makes sense,
but you'll note we have a FTF a week after your own. So I'm happy to do a 3
week last call if you could get us your comments by the 28th so we have a
change to see them on the list over the weekend before we discuss them?
(Actually, I'm hoping you'll have no quibbles with the spec; do you expect
to have a new set of exotic requirements? <smile>) And since the Signature
specification is waiting for C14N to advance, the sooner we can get comments
the better so as to move quickly.


07/10 Publish C14N [1] as second W3C Last Call for two weeks.
07/11 Publish latest Signature specification referencing 07/10 version
07/14 IETF document submission cut-off.
07/24 C14N Last Call ends
07/31-08/04 August 4: IETF meetings (still not sure where the WG meeting is)
    o Hopefully see if there any ambiguities in specification resulting in 
08/11 Barring substantive comments/mis-interop publish C14N as CR and
Informational RFC

Joseph Reagle Jr.   
W3C Policy Analyst      
IETF/W3C XML-Signature Co-Chair

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