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[Bug 3991] xs:redefine allows multiple annotations: annotB025 mistaken

[Bug 4009] Length facets on QName types

[Bug 4010] Regex tests using a{,2}

[Bug 4011] Regex syntax pattern='[^[a-b]]'

[Bug 4012] Regex syntax pattern='\p{Nd}{4}-\[{Nd}{2}'

[Bug 4013] Regex syntax pattern containing \u

[Bug 4014] Regex syntax "\p{klsak"

[Bug 4015] Regex syntax: patterns beginning with "{"

[Bug 4016] Regex patterns beginning with "(?"

[Bug 4017] Regex tests using multi-character escapes as range endpoints

[Bug 4018] Regex patterns: invalid syntax after \p or \P

[Bug 4019] Regex patterns containing \x

[Bug 4020] Regex patterns containing \A

[Bug 4021] Regex patterns containing \Z

[Bug 4022] Regex patterns containing \b

[Bug 4043] attribute/attZ015

[Bug 4047] DataTypes tests: discrepancies with minInclusive/maxInclusive

[Bug 4048] DataTypes tests: validity of anyURI values

[Bug 4049] DataTypes tests: QNames and length facets

[Bug 4052] DataTypes tests: hexBinary003

[Bug 4053] DataTypes tests: QName009

[Bug 4054] DataTypes tests: dtZ107447_a_2245

[Bug 4055] elemE001 - illegal regex

[Bug 4056] elemT026 - illegal xsi:type

[Bug 4057] elemZ006: referencing a namespace that has not been imported

[Bug 4062] IdentityConstraint test idZ011: ID with fixed value

[Bug 4063] IdentityConstraint test idZ015: anySimpleType

[Bug 4064] stZ041 - simpleType with final=extension

[Bug 4078] addB156 - schemaLocation after first use of namespace

[Bug 4114] RegexTest_24

[Bug 4122] Microsoft additional test addB068

[Bug 6215] --02-- not a valid gMonth value (ST_facets00119m)

[Bug 6215] New: --02-- not a valid gMonth value (ST_facets00119m)

[Bug 6247] New: addB194 contains invalid URI

attributes derived from xs:ID with value constraints?

question about disallowedSubst test cases

question about substitutionGroup tests

reason for invalidity of stZ009?

What's wrong with nonPositiveInteger_fractionDigits004_599?

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