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[ANN] updated XML Processing WG page

Adding SVG to xproc-profiles

Any progress getting the use cases/requirements into CVS

c:data/@href idea

charter review

Extending p:log (action A-214-01)

External requirements (DAISY Consortium)

F.5.11 Iteration Pipeline

Naming issue on Compound Steps in XProc 1.0 REC

Of parameters, maps, and variables

Regrets 17 May


Update data source (schemas and library.xpl) subsequently to the note

Updated namespace documents

Updated requirements and use cases document

Use Case 5.12 Pipeline

Use Case 5.14 Pipeline

Use Case 5.15 Pipeline

Use Case 5.17 Pipeline

Use Case 5.29/5.30 Pipeline

Use Case 5.32 Pipeline

Use Case 5.7 Pipeline

XProc Agenda 24 May 2012

XProc Agenda 24 May 2012 [updated]

XProc Agenda 31 May 2012

XProc Minutes 24 May 2012

XProc Minutes 31 May 2012

XProc telcon canceled: 17 May 2012

XProg telcon canceled: 10 May 2012

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