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minutes from XML processing model WG call 2006-03-30 C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (Friday, 31 March)

Document transition request: First Public Working Draft of "XML Processing Model Requirements and Use Cases" Norman Walsh (Thursday, 30 March)

Regrets for XProc telcon of 30 Mar 2006 Erik Bruchez (Thursday, 30 March)

Agenda for XProc telcon of 30 Mar 2006 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 29 March)

Document Updated Alex Milowski (Thursday, 23 March)

Pipeline proposal Richard Tobin (Thursday, 23 March)

Reminder: Publication of Use Cases and Requirements? Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 22 March)

Agenda for XProc WG telcon of 23 Mar 2006 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 22 March)

More thinking about conditionals Norman Walsh (Monday, 20 March)

Re: XML Processing Model - ODF/OpenXML use case Norman Walsh (Friday, 17 March)

XML Processing Model DSDL Use Case Norman Walsh (Thursday, 16 March)

HST's take on Richard Tobin's conditional proposal Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 16 March)

Updated Requirements Document Alex Milowski (Thursday, 16 March)

Document updated Alex Milowski (Wednesday, 15 March)

Conditionals Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 15 March)

Sub-pipelines Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 15 March)

Inputs and outputs Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 15 March)

draft minutes from 28 February C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (Monday, 13 March)

Agenda for XProc WG telcon of 16 Mar 2006 Norman Walsh (Monday, 13 March)

Draft f2f minutes now available Norman Walsh (Monday, 13 March)

Face to face slides Rui Lopes (Monday, 13 March)

Regrets for 2006-03-16 call Erik Bruchez (Sunday, 12 March)

Face to face XPL slides Erik Bruchez (Friday, 10 March)

Agenda for XProc WG telcon of 09 Mar 2006 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 9 March)

Group picture Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 7 March)

Blog entry about our two days of meetings in Cannes-Mandelieu Erik Bruchez (Monday, 6 March)

Re: Monday Afternoon Tech Plenary Notes Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 1 March)

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