Re: Reminder: Publication of Use Cases and Requirements?

Norman Walsh wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm not sure we've quite nailed down the details of the DSDL use case,
> but other than that, I haven't seen any comments about the Use Cases
> and Requirements. If you don't think it's ready for public consumption,
> a heads-up before tomorrow would be appreciated.

I believe that Murray was waiting for me to say that I'm done editing.

...which i am, just now.

My changes are rather minor and took too long to get done this week:

   * Added the id values to the headers of the requirements and use
   * Made the formatting of the requirements to use cases table better.
   * Moved the requirements to use case table to the use-case section.

I've also spell checked the document... but that only guarantees to
find gross errors.  I'd like to take another editorial read before
we publish.

--Alex Milowski

Received on Thursday, 23 March 2006 14:48:09 UTC