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We are getting close. I noted a couple of details while going through
the document one more time:

1) Under "Definition: Input Document": s/that an input/that is an
input/. Or we can maybe rephrase this: An XML infoset provided as
input to a XML Pipeline or Step.
2) Under "3 Design Principles", s/The design principles [...] are a
kind of requirement/The design principles [...] are requirements/ (I
suggest to remove the "kind of", plural for requirements).
3) Under "Requirements", I am wondering if it is possible to add a
border to the table. I think that this would make the table easier to


On 3/15/06, Alex Milowski <> wrote:
> I've made the following changes:
> * Added source attribution to 5.28 and 5.29
> * Updates from last telcon/minutes
> * Fixed DSDL use case
> * Added Henry's use cases
> I'll make another editorial pass tonight to look for
> language issues.
> --
> --Alex Milowski

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