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Accommodations for F2F

Concrete syntax for simple two-step example

Draft minutes for telcon of 2006-06-22

F2F Logistics

Flows and Pipes - a simplification?

Hiding dependencies in XPaths

Hiding dependencies in XPaths (Was: XProc Minutes 25 May 2006)

Issue #3306

Minimal requirements for XPath usage

Naming steps or naming outputs

Pipe/Flow Example

Possible conditional construct for discussion

Scratch low-level abstract syntax

XPaths over document sequences

XProc Agenda 15 June 2006

XProc Agenda 22 June 2006

XProc Agenda 29 June 2006

XProc Agenda for 8 Jun 2006

XProc Minutes 1 June 2006

XProc Minutes 15 June 2006

XProc Minutes for 8 Jun 2006

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