F2F Logistics

So far, there are nine people who have confirmed their attendance
at the F2F in August. Some of you have not confirmed with me
how you expect to travel here. Some of you have told me that you
don't have a way here yet.

So, it would be a big help if some of you could coordinate with others
to facilitate travel for all. In particular, I would like to hear that Henry,
Richard and Michael have made arrangements for accommodation and

Mohamed will be arriving at Toronto (YYZ) at 7pm on August 1.
If anyone can give him a ride here and back to Toronto YYZ on Sunday,
in time for a 1pm flight, that would make his life and mine much easier.

If necessary, I will drive down to Toronto on Aug 1 to collect Mohamed
and any other stragglers. I hope that I can avoid that four-hour drive
and instead entertain those of you who arrived earlier in the day.
Better yet, if enough of you are ready at 7pm on Aug 1, I can arrange
for a shuttle. But I need time to book that. So please do get on this
or you may find yourself hitch-hiking here.

Alex, am I right to assume that you are taking care of your own transport
to and from my house? Paul, I think that you told me that you are going
to drive up on July 31. Norm, how are you going to get here?

Michael, you indicated some residual uncertainty about attending. Where
do you stand now?

Who             Accommodation   Travel to Murray's      Travel from Murray's
Norm            Arranged                ???                     Arranged
Henry           ???                     ???                     ???
Richard ???                     ???                     ???
Michael ???                     ???                     ???
Mohamed         Arranged                YYZ Aug 1 7pm   YYZ Aug 6 1pm
Paul            Arranged                Arranged                Arranged
Alex            Arranged                Arranged                Arranged
Jeni            Arranged                Arranged                Arranged
Murray  Arranged                Arranged                Arranged

I will be away from June 24 until July 10. I hope that all these issues will
have been resolved by the group by then, but July 11 is the earliest
that I will be able to help anyone deal with any of this again.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a little over a month.



Received on Thursday, 22 June 2006 19:41:58 UTC