Re: Naming steps or naming outputs

Alex Milowski wrote:
> I don't think changing <my:safeguard/> to <p:step type="my:safeguard"/>
> is going to keep your CPU from melting.  The pipeline processor has to
> know what my:safeguard means in either case.  As such, the burden is the
> same.

With a generic syntax every xproc implementation will be able to 
identify what a step is. If some non-core component is used (e.g. 
my:safeguard) and my implementation doesn't support it, it can stop the 
execution (or even not execute the pipeline at all). By having a direct 
syntax, a pipeline implementation may not be able to distinguish between 
a non-core component and, for instance, some annotations in rdf/dc.



Received on Friday, 30 June 2006 17:26:58 UTC