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On 10 Feb 2011, at 11:08, László Török wrote:

> Ultimately, there are three questions for facebook here:
>  - would you ever allow users to sign in to facebook using webid(s)?
>  - would you ever allow people to use their facebook uri as a webid?
>  - would you publish users profile data (subject to their privacy settings) in a machine readable way, at the profile uri?
> Probably implicit, but: Would Fb let me publich my public key as part of my profile? Could that be made public (without signing in)? 

None of these are technical questions. I don't see how we can answer them here. 

That is why I was suggesting that if we turn this into a HOWTO for the wiki to be turned into a deliverable, or added to the documentation, we should not be using real company names. We can be a little bit more general and speak of transforming Web2.0 services with profile pages into WebId enabled services, as done here:

At the same time I imagine that what will happen is that these types of experiences will end up being written up in reviews, books and so on, and in very great detail, taking into account all the special cases. But we don't need to wait for that to happen. We can have a space to help people who are willing to think for themselves enough to get going.


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