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ACTION-2048 - Write spec text to propose params for script action

ACTION-2049: Look into makeing soap non-normative, and use as a usage example with <header> instead.

ACTION-2050 - Change all xsd: to xs:

ACTION-2050: Change all xsd: to xs:

ACTION-2051: Experiment with a type for non-space string, and report back

ACTION-2052 - Remove @src from <action>

ACTION-2052: Remove @src from <action>

ACTION-2053 - Work out how to replace link-exception

ACTION-2053: Work out how to replace link-exception

ACTION-2054: Implement new tr style

ACTION-2055: Implement replace link-exception

Agenda 2015-02-03

Agenda 2015-02-10

Agenda 2016-02-17

Agenda 2016-02-23

Agenda 2016-02-24 [update]

Example <submission> elements

Examples indentation and other small fixes

JSON: empty number and boolean values

Minutes 2015-02-03

Minutes 2015-02-17

Minutes 2016-02-10

Minutes 2016-02-24

Move 7.10 Integration with SOAP to end?

Prefixes: xs vs. xsd

Using the action elements for scripts

Whitespace processing during recalculate

xforms-link-exception and scripts

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