Re: Whitespace processing during recalculate


I agree that this is a point that has not yet been fully examined. It 
remains me that XForms considers xsd:string for input/password controls 
while only xsd:normalizedString (no tab, no newline,...) is effectively 

Do you mean, for example, that, in incremental mode, the input value for 
the XForms control is always empty while the corresponding input field 
still contains just spaces? Is the input field just updated to the 
XForms value when focus is lost?

I think we should define a specific XForms data type for this case. This 
type could then be bound to nodes or defined as default.

We should always have a way to alter global engine options within a 
form. XSLTForms v1 allows authors to add processing instructions for 
that purpose. XSLTForms v2, because of HTML5, allows an <xforms-engine> 
element with attributes. Attributes such as model/version and 
model/functions sound to me more global options than options related to 
a specific model.

What do you think?


Le 11/02/2016 23:13, Erik Bruchez a écrit :
> All,
> We recently implemented an extension to do whitespace processing. I
> think this might be of interest to XForms implementers. Blog post:
> Doc:
> -Erik

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