JSON: empty number and boolean values


Say we receive the following JSON:

    { "name": "Mark", "age": 21 }

which converts to:

    <json type="object">
        <age type="number">21</age>

We have an input field bound to:


Then the user blanks the field, which, say, is not required. So we have:

    <json type="object">
        <age type="number"></age>

Now when we try to serialize back the XML to JSON, what should happen?
I see 3 options:

1. Generate an empty string for "age".
2. Generate `null` "age".
3. Raise an error.

I don't like #1 because that changes types in an unexpected way.

I don't like #3 because it seems like we should have the possibility
to handle optional values.

My preference would go to #2:

    { "name": "Mark", "age": null }

The rule would be: "if we have a `number` or `boolean` element whose
string value cannot be converted back to a number or a boolean JSON
value, either because it is empty or blank or because it doesn't match
the lexical value of a JSON number of boolean, then generate a

Feedback welcome.


Received on Wednesday, 3 February 2016 19:59:23 UTC