RE: Can multiple inline schemas have same targetNamespace?

Thank you for your comment - we tracked this as a Last Call comment LC60
[1].  The Working Group agreed to add clarification that two inlined
schemas from the same targetNS are OK, and to note that we rely on
schema processors to sort out a coherent set of schema components.  You
can view the resolution in context at [2].  If we don't hear otherwise
within two weeks, we will assume this satisfies your concern.






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Subject: Can multiple inline schemas have same targetNamespace?


I would appreciate it if you could address the following issue that I
have seen in WSDLs of 2 customers in the past month.


One vendor's SOAP stack is creating WSDLs with multiple inline schemas
that have the same namespace.


Here's an example:

<xs:schema targetNamespace="a">
types and elements
<xs:schema targetNamespace="a">
different types and elements
<xs:schema targetNamespace="b">


It's not clear to me whether the above is legal or not (two schemas with
the same targetNamespace="a").  Should XML parsers for WSDL be smart
enough to handle the above?  Or should parsers report errors?  

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