Summary of CfC on WebRTC-NV "Low Latency Streaming Use Cases (Section 3.2)"

The CfC on WebRTC-NV "Low Latency Streaming Use Cases (Section 3.2) concluded  on January 16, 2023.

The original announcement is here:

5 "Support" responses were received:

Bernard Aboba:,

Tim Panton:

Harald Alvestrand:


Jianjun Zhu:

One response was received which did not indicate support or objection:


The following issues were referred to in the responses: Access to raw audio data : What is a "node" in the low latency broadcast with fanout use case? Is the DRM requirement in the Low latency Broadcast with Fanout use case satisfied by data channels? : N15 latency control should be formulated in a technology-agnostic way : Improvements for game pad input : Low-latency streaming: Review of requirements

The Chairs will meet to discuss next steps.

Bernard Aboba

For the Chairs

Received on Friday, 20 January 2023 22:32:36 UTC