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[mediacapture-main] Pull Request: Update to latest ReSpec version 32.2.0

[mediacapture-record] Navigator.mediadevices.getUserMedia api is not working iOS Chrome (#214)

[minutes] July 2022 meeting

[Reminder] Call for Exclusions: MediaStreamTrack Insertable Media Processing using Streams

[Reminder] Call for Exclusions: Region Capture

[webrtc-encoded-transform] Pull Request: add mimeType to metadata

[webrtc-encoded-transform] Pull Request: readme: add link to rendered version

[webrtc-encoded-transform] Relationship to WebCodecs (#141)

[webrtc-encoded-transform] should it be possible to disable transforms on the fly? (#142)

[webrtc-encoded-transform] width/height metadata on incoming streams (#138)

[webrtc-extensions] Integration of congestion control across SCTP and media (#111)

[webrtc-pc] Intended outcome when modifying direction in have-local-offer (#2751)

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Clarify simulcast envelope is determined by negotiation.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Don't let offers to receive simulcast overwrite existing [[SendEncodings]]

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Fix "does not allow remotely initiated RID renegotiation" step

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Note that RFC7728 is not supported.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: remove interaction between and simulcast ~rid

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Remove unused RTCRtpDecodingParameters

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Revert #2033.

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Update to ReSpec version 32.2.0

[webrtc-pc] Pull Request: Use conventional class for algorithm markup

[webrtc-pc] Remove references to RTCRtpDecodingParameters (#2752)

[webrtc-provisional-stats] Pull Request: Adding Varun as co-author

[webrtc-stats] is extremely slow (#651)

[webrtc-stats] No SctpTransport stats? (#648)

[webrtc-stats] (#650)

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: outbound-rtp: add active flag

[webrtc-stats] Pull Request: Use local verison of webidl2.js

AW: Call for Consensus (CfC) on Issue 17 of "Region Capture"

Call for Consensus (CfC) on Issue 17 of "Region Capture"

Event Invitation: Web Real-Time Communications Working Group

Question on pip api

Weekly github digest (WebRTC WG specifications)

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