RE: Control of stuff that is not offer/answer (Re: Update of "Sorting issues into categories")

While this is not directly related to the networked streaming of media through RTCPeerConnection, you might want to take a look at what the media capture task force is putting together related to settings and constraints for the devices that supply media streams:

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I would agree with Stefan that a lot of this can be addressed by something like constraints mechanism, but this would require defining of additional constraints or ability to provide/modify constraints without adding or removing MediaStreams or MediaStreamTracks. For instance if all I want to change the target bitrate for the video codec, why would I want to do anything else except change the target bitrate. I would not want to do a complete O/A exchange. I would not want to add and remove MediaStream either. Stefan's proposals are good but it is in no way a complete solution and would require more discussion.
Roman Shpount

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Once again, I have mentioned my concern for the shortcomings of the current API in<>
It looks like some additional API surface is needed to address my concerns ( ).

I am not sure why this is being ignored...
Because you didn't reply to where Stefan suggested that the present work on applying and modifying constraints seems like a reasonable approach to follow with regard to the issues you raised?

Seriously, when the chairs say that "we think this is being addressed by ongoing work", the ball is back in your court to say whether you think this is correct or not.


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