Re: Control of stuff that is not offer/answer (Re: Update of "Sorting issues into categories")

On 10/04/2012 08:51 PM, Roman Shpount wrote:
> I would agree with Stefan that a lot of this can be addressed by 
> something like constraints mechanism, but this would require defining 
> of additional constraints or ability to provide/modify constraints 
> without adding or removing MediaStreams or MediaStreamTracks. 
I'd say "additional constraints AND the ability to provide/modify 
constraints". So let's get that done.
I've got some issues with Travis' suggested way of doing it (see my 
comments on media list), but I think it's in the direction we want to go.

> For instance if all I want to change the target bitrate for the video 
> codec, why would I want to do anything else except change the target 
> bitrate. I would not want to do a complete O/A exchange. I would not 
> want to add and remove MediaStream either. Stefan's proposals are good 
> but it is in no way a complete solution and would require more discussion.
So please let's get on with it. Make a proposal for a specific 
constraint, and say what interface you suggest this constraint should be 
changeable at.

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