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"Register" for June 11th webrtc f2f

[Bug 15593] Update PeerConnection functionality associated to adding/removing MediaStreams

[Bug 15747] Echo cancellation API

[Bug 15861] API for JS interaction with congestion control

[Bug 16273] MediaStreamRecorder interface should be removed until redesigned

[Bug 17109] New: TURN server API changes

[Bug 17109] TURN server API changes

[Bug 17243] suggestion on "select camera function for getUserMedia()"

[Bug 17249] New: SdpType usage must be chosen

Call for Papers: IAB/IRTF Workshop on Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Communication, July 28, 2012 Vancouver, Canada

Data API symmetry

Fwd: Direction: Constraints

Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-alvestrand-rtcweb-msid-02.txt

getUserMedia and disconnecting devices


New version of webrtc spec

Note to new members

PeerConnection example

Practical info for the f2f meeting June 11th

Question about sync / async for createOffer and createAnswer

Strawman agenda for June 11th

Syntax options for constraints structure

Tracks in multiple Stream …. Re: Teasing apart the data API questions

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