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Certainly, good sir! I'll take a look at it maybe this evening or so.


I'm currently working on another thing for the wiki, so I want to finish
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Von: Scott Rowe [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013 03:06
An:; David Kirstein
Betreff: DOM API docs move script


We need someone to build and execute a script that will move the DOM API
pages into their proper organization.


Lemme splain [1]:


The good news is that most of the 1,129 pages in the dom namespace already
have an attribute that describes their preferred location, and this could be
used in a script to move them to that location. The attribute is the Applies
to field, which is a parameter of the API_Object_Method, and
API_Object_Property templates. The value is consistently the object to which
the method or property belongs. We want methods and properties under their
objects (i.e. dom/Element/error). 


The bad news is that we also need to update the pages that link to these
pages with the new location in the link since we want to avoid creating a
huge pile of redirects. So the script/bot would need to update those pages
that link to dom pages.


We need some sort of bot/script that performs these tasks. I've scoped and
outlined the work involved in WPD:Projects/DOM_API_docs [2]. The pseudocode
for the script is there, too.


frozenice: would you be available to whip up a script to accomplish this?









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