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We definitely have the user behavior data in piwik. Once Renoir has Piwik
upgraded and stabilized, the latest version of Piwik can give us a better
idea of the  entry points, user navigation flow (as it has flow diagrams),
bounce rate and  on page analytics telling us what a user is clicking on. I
do believe these are good metrics to look down the road once we have some
good volume of users on the site. But a first pass of the Analytics
dashboard should look into the high level metrics showing the number of
contributors /editors and readers. A second pass after beta could possibly
look into some kind of segmentation.

Here are my thoughts on what an Analytics dashboard should have in the
first two passes. Doug/ Julee do correct me if I'm missing something.

There are two segments to the Analytics Dashboard - Contributors and

1. Contributors/ Editors
- Number of edits for a given time period (day/week/month)
- Number of total registered users and active users.
- Number of articles that are in different stages of completion.
- Total number of articles on the site

2. Readers - people who come to read the content
- Number of pageviews
- Number of unique visitors on the site
- Traffic sources/ Referrers (search engine and social media)
- Top keywords
- Top articles being read

One of the key goals is to jump from 2k pageviews/day to 5k pageviews/day
in a month from now when we move to beta. This does depend on the number of
articles that have been marked as completed and ready to consume.


On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Gabriela Viana <>wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> I took a look on the links. Thanks for sharing. I will try to come with a
> feedback soon.
> I would like to know if there is any analytic report that describes the
> currently user's behaviour on the website, so it would be helpful to
> understand the user preferences and issues while using the website so far
> (any KPIs?).
> I also would like to know if there are specifications or use cases that
> describe what are the expected goals for the user to achieve on the website
> and any strategy around it (e.g.increase the number of contributors,
> increase the number of new visitors, etc).
> I read that one of the goals of WebPlatform is to make more evident that
> people can contribute to the project. Is that right?
> Thanks,
> Gabriela
> On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 2:05 AM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
>> Hi, Gabriela–
>> Great to have you on board! We always need someone with UX/UI skills.
>> I look forward to seeing your wireframes for the the dashboard and
>> homepage. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
>> What information would be most useful for you to get started? Patrick
>> D'Souza ( provided a basic wireframe for the analytics dashboard,
>> and Janet Swisher (Mozilla) wrote up some thoughts and a wireframe for the
>> homepage [2][3], but you should use your skills freely to come up with
>> effective designs.
>> Thanks for volunteering!
>> [1]**Public/public-wpd-analytics/**
>> 2013JulSep/0010.html<>
>> [2]**<>
>> [3]**spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ao_fDuA-**
>> PPFydE9vbkR4UWpPRHNjaGFxcjA5WX**d5SVE#gid=0<>
>> Regards-
>> -Doug
>> On 8/12/13 6:40 PM, Gabriela Viana wrote:
>>> Hello list,
>>> My name is Gabriela Viana, I am a full time Interaction designer and
>>> would like to contribute to the webplatform docs project.
>>> During a conversation that I had with Renoir, I have been suggested to
>>> create a few wireframes for upcoming site features such as the homepage
>>> and the Analytics dashboard.
>>> I have been working as a web designer for ten years and now I am doing a
>>> master in Industrial Engineering (Concentration in Software Ergonomics)
>>> at the Polytechnique de Montreal.
>>> Sometimes, my schedule can be a bit tight, but I still want to
>>> contribute and will do so on a timely basis by providing wireframes and
>>> suggestions from time to time.
>>> Looking forward to hearing from you.
>>> --
>>> ______________________________**____________
>>> Gabriela Viana
>>> <mailto:gabiviana@gabiviana.**com<>
>>> >
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> __________________________________________
> Gabriela Viana

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