Re: A way around the default table?

Hi, Julee, Jonathan–

This is one of those weird formatting issues that is a confluence of 2 
poor design decisions in the system:

1) Semantic MediaWiki (I think) outputs topic lists as tables for 
formatting reasons (this is really the fault of CSS for not doing 
flowing columnar layout sooner)

2) MediaWiki makes "layout tables" without proper headings where it 
should, and doesn't distinguish between layout tables and real tables in 
its output, meaning we either have to style tables

Neither of these things is really in our control.

We could simply make the category index manually (which defeats the 
purpose of using a CMS) or we can live with it until we migrate to 
another system.

Of these 2 options, I favor the first... not least because we could also 
get rid of the hideous page names (also a terrible artifact of SMW)... 
so we could have "CSS Regions API" instead of "apis/css-regions".

This sort of auto-categorization should be a feature of the future CMS.


On 8/12/13 5:24 PM, Jonathan Garbee wrote:
> I'd like to know why this is using a table in the first place. It isn't
> tabular data and should be possible by using regular div elements which
> carry no real meaning. But, this is from the first-child styling of the
> table class being applied. So that would need to be changed or
> overridden in the CSS and page template.
> I'll file a bug for this in the PM system.
> On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 4:55 PM, Julee <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi, folks:
>     I'm looking at a category page that just looks horrible.[1]
>     Any way to unstyle a table so it just looks like a table without the
>     weird first-column-as-lede style and without the column restrictions?
>     Thanks.
>     Julee
>     [1]
>     ----------------------------
> <>
>     @adobejulee

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